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A vegan, maple-syrup sweetened cake for Sierra’s first birthday (and for anytime).

Sierra turned one year old over a month ago and we celebrated the day with homemade pizza for dinner and a banana cake with almond butter glaze (as well as, err, a couple of glasses of champagne for her parents). A week later we hosted a party for her and two of the other little girls in the American community; I made probably too many sweets and gluten-free salads and huge pans of baked pasta. Almost all got eaten, the kids had fun, and and thus I consider the afternoon a roaring success.

It’s hard to believe she’s been with us for the better part of 14 months now — me, who when I was told all the usual adages of ‘it goes so fast’ ‘soak it up’ appreciate the moments’ nodded gently and agreed in principle while privately telling myself that while of course I would do all of these things in any case time would slow down just for for me because I dearly wished it could. I did appreciate the moments — the newborn cuddles (oh so many cuddles) and lurching first steps and funny noises and the mid-night wakings … I did appreciate them all. I do still. And yet. The year whisked by quickly and slowly and now my babe is becoming her own self with her own opinions and wants and wishes and it’s wonderful to see. Even as I sometimes miss those early, sleepy, quiet and cozy days which suddenly feel so far away.

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Wordless Wednesday: A Week in the Life

15 October 2014
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Run On (+ Gluten-Free Whole Grain Biscuits)

13 October 2014

[On a run, October 2014.] I finally downloaded a GPS running app for my phone and hello long runs, my old friends, I didn’t even know I was revisiting you until Runtastic told me so. 8.2 miles is my new weekend run and I’m happy to report that I’ve been running that occasionally for months […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Recent Scenes

8 October 2014
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The Weekly Pot (+ Sweet Potato and Vegetable Soup)

6 October 2014

We’ve been listening to a lot of Pete Seeger’s great album “Song and Play Time” – which apparently my brother and I listened to when we were kids – after my dad got Sierra hooked on “Ha, Ha, This-A-Way” while we were in California this summer. I don’t love a lot of the ‘popular’ children’s […]

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