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    Pasta-Chickpea Soup

    16 January 2018

    In the new year we are often filled with grand plans and a resolve to Do Better — eat better, live better, better spend our money … I am not aspiring to many lofty goals this year, though I do have a few intentions: to write more and consume less, up my weekly long run to 10 miles at least once a month and get in a half marathon (if just on my own impetus) before my next birthday, downsize our possessions a bit and be more mindful about any further purchases or acquisitions. I feel these are fairly modest goals, one of my main requirements when setting goals in general. Let them be achievable! Another goal is to post more in this space, as I have a backlog of recipes to share.

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    Spelt Gingerbread

    ’tis the season already — we’ve installed a real tree for the first time in five years and our house is softly perfumed with the scent of the outdoors. For the last few years…

    8 December 2017
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    Oatmeal Pancakes

    So it’s the day after here — how did everything go? Did you make a pumpkin pie or a sweet potato tart or maybe even an apple crisp? We spent part of the day…

    23 November 2017