Nostalgia {+ Caramel Cake}

    23 May 2016

    Yesterday was a cozy day; if there’d been any fog it might have reached perfection. I had a friend over for tea and browned butter-brown sugar blueberry muffins in the morning; when Sierra finally went for her nap I baked a cake and thought about little things to procure for our summer vacation and listened to some mellow music that always makes me think of Ireland and a grey sea and green green fields stretching across the horizon.

    I miss fog and green fields and the ocean.

    (And while I’m on the subject, I also miss my apartment in San Francisco, with everything just so; my tiny kitchen; windows that were perpetually open to let in the breeze; hardwood floors; the soft light in my dining room; that feeling of permanence knowing that I’d found my place in the world and was happily settled into it. I miss weather and fog and rain and sun that is not a terribly hot sun and truly fresh air and redwood trees and an overall feeling of lightness in the very atmosphere. I miss coffee shops a few blocks over with good bagels and pastries and I miss tea shops with rooibos tea in pots and vegan BLTs. Just for starters.)

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