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    Spelt Gingerbread

    8 December 2017

    ’tis the season already — we’ve installed a real tree for the first time in five years and our house is softly perfumed with the scent of the outdoors. For the last few years in San Francisco we had a tree that was cut from our friend’s property in the Sierras and I loved knowing they’d come from the California mountains a few hours drive away. It’s a bit strange to be getting into the festive spirit of what I’ve always considered to be the winter holidays in a place where the light lengthens daily and the temperatures reflect the slow march toward summer. We hosted a little get together this afternoon and my often, forever finicky, overheated when I was baking off my loaf of bread; it had better shape up soon as it will be in even more use despite the heat outside. There are sugar cookies to cut, more pumpkin pies to bake, and pans of my new favorite gingerbread to slice and share.

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    Oatmeal Pancakes

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    23 November 2017