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    Pear-Spelt Pancakes

    26 June 2017

    I’m really into spelt flour. I used to be into whole wheat pastry flour — and I do still like that — but my favorite flour with which to bake is currently spelt. When we lived in Morocco I made an interesting spelt-brown rice bread from Amy Chaplin’s cookbook At Home in the Whole Foods Kitchen because I couldn’t find the chewy whole grain bread of my dreams. It was great. But bread-baking is the kind of enterprise one undertakes when you have loads of free time — or only one child. So I don’t often bake bread anymore. And that’s fine. My local health food market sells a stellar spelt sourdough. Of course I do make other flour-y things; cake, obviously, cookies, etc., and pancakes. My latest favorite recipe comes by my friend Amy Palinjian’s brilliant website and is a perfect foil for spelt flour (she uses buckwheat flour; you could also use oat or a whole grain of choice). Continue Reading

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    Different Soup

    I wondered if I should even write up this recipe, given that it’s so very, very simple. Garlic, carrots, sweet potato, a pinch of salt, and water. But in the interest of preserving this…

    20 June 2017
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    Rhubarb Cream Cake

    Why yes, I did make myself a cake last weekend. (I shared. A mother’s love is selfless, right? ) The affair with rhubarb continues so I made rhubarb compote and sandwiched it between two…

    15 May 2017
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    Rhubarb Upside Down Spelt Cake

    Shhhhh, I’m pretending it’s spring. The funny thing is that it is spring where a lot of you reading live. But here, it’s autumn. Full on leaves turning colors and littering the ground and…

    8 May 2017