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    Cooking with Kids/Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

    15 March 2018

    I don’t remember when I started involving Sierra in all the cooking and baking that occurs in our family — I wish I could say there was one recipe, one windy March Moroccan afternoon marked in my memory on which I let her take up a wooden spoon and do her own stirring for the first time. I do know she was always in the kitchen with me in that house, from the time she arrived at 10 weeks until we left when she was almost 18 months old. She’d sit on the counter when she could sit, gnawing on another wooden spoon while I whisked and sifted and made pans of granola. When she was very tiny she’d amaze me with her ability to sleep through the whirring of the electric mixer. And when she ate real food we’d descend from the afternoon nap and go straight to the kitchen with its peach-orange granite counters and clean tiles and window that opened onto the street. We’d sit on the floor and munch banana muffins and listen for the sound of the horse-drawn cart as it jangled by to collect the yard waste. Our next kitchen, in Riyadh, was somewhat more removed from the rest of the house — a house I can best describe as cavernous with strange hallways and a kitchen area more suited to the maid we were supposed to hire — and though we spent a lot of time in there together it was somehow less pleasant. Our house in Australia is an “open concept” which means the living, dining, and kitchen are one big room that looks out to the back patio via large sliding glass doors. I never imagined after the years in our Saudi house that we’d be blessed again with natural light but we’re lucky here. The bulk of our at-home time is spent in this huge living/cooking area and there is a lot of child participation in the meals prepared.

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