[On a run, October 2014.]

I finally downloaded a GPS running app for my phone and hello long runs, my old friends, I didn’t even know I was revisiting you until Runtastic told me so. 8.2 miles is my new weekend run and I’m happy to report that I’ve been running that occasionally for months thinking it was more like 6, maybe 7, miles. Predictably I overextended myself last week and ended up logging 24 miles total and damn, it felt good. Two years ago tomorrow I ran a marathon – missing a PR by three minutes – and so I will try to commemorate it in the morning by pushing myself just a bit farther even than the 8.2 if it doesn’t rain. I haven’t run more than 11 miles in almost two years; I can’t even believe that’s truth but it is. My love of going long has been well documented on this site and I get itchy when I can’t.

This past year has been sort of a blur and I cadged runs when I could (with more miles spent on the treadmill than I’d like to admit). Suddenly my birthday looms in three days and fall is churning on, carrying us relentlessly toward the close of 2014. I’d rather be running out to Arch Rock than dodging pedestrians and horses along the Corniche but beggars can’t be choosers and this is what I have to work with in my present reality. I remind myself at least there is an ocean within throwing distance even if it’s not my beloved Pacific.

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