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    Quinoa with Carrots

    25 April 2016

    About a year and a half ago we took a short plane ride from Casablanca to Bordeaux to visit my husband’s cousins who were living there at the time. It was a dream of a weekend — delicious homemade meals at home, a stroll around the gorgeous old city with pints near the waterfront and coffees, too, and a bit of gelato thrown in for good measure, a trip to the sea whereupon we spent an entire day drinking champagne along the fizzing Atlantic in bright sun and wind and eating beautiful cheese and various snacks, a four-course gluten-free dinner cooked by me in less than two hours whilst the rest of the party drank gin and tonics and lounged around the impeccably kept apartment. It was a dreamy few days and indeed captured that rather indescribable French joie de vivre.

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    Spelt-Chocolate Scones

    In Morocco, March was my favorite month of the year: breezy, sunny, still cool, with the countryside slowly flooding with green. In San Francisco, March was likewise brisk and some years particularly rainy; the…

    28 March 2016