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    Halloumi Salad

    1 August 2016

    When I cook for our family of three — soon to be four! — I cook meals that I know (and hope) Sierra will like or at least try. I do gently nudge her into tasting new vegetables and flavors but let’s be real: the girl’s not even three years old. If I can get a decent amount of fruit and vegetables into her on a weekly basis without a big struggle I consider it a success. I balance our plates with grains and greens, tofu and fish and chicken and eggs and legumes, and don’t worry overmuch if we are not exactly the most adventurous of diners. Healthy and wholesome is always my goal. Still, every so often I’ll treat myself to a lunch I know she won’t touch and appreciate every bite. One example is this refreshing, summery halloumi, cucumber, and tomato salad.

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    Nostalgia {+ Caramel Cake}

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