[The Atlantic at Anfa, September 2014.]

Fall has magical qualities — the light shifts, leaves drift down softly (even in North Africa), the sky is the deepest, bluest sky you’ll see all year. The wind has picked up off of the ocean here and on afternoons it scrubs the houses of my neighborhood and burnishes the wild leaves on the hedge and tosses about the great fronds of the banana tree that is cozied up to my front door. Sierra and I have been taking advantage of these cooler days by sitting on a blanket in our yard and looking up at the palm trees, the birds already heading south, the clouds blowing out to sea. This season is my favorite and I am glad to find it’s still so, even in a new(ish) place. First fall in Morocco, first fall with the wee one awake and aware of it all. It’s impossible not to want to slow down and soak up the sun, the wind, these precious days before her first birthday. And so we are; we are paring life down to its most simple and trying to get out of doors as much as we can manage.

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A Return (+ Alice Waters’ Buttermilk Pancakes)

25 August 2014

This winter, back at the height of my I don’t think I can live here angst, DW started making pancakes on Saturday mornings. He found my ‘Art of Simple Food’ buried in the row of cookbooks on the kitchen counter, was inspired by the leben in the fridge, and got to work. These were the […]

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Salted Lavender Shortbread from ‘flourless.’

18 August 2014

[At Omnivore, August 2014.] What I learned yesterday: book release parties are fun. Even when you, oops, don’t realize you have to share a few words about your project until about 10 minutes before doing so. My California community came out to support me and it was sweet. S weathered all the socializing like a […]

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