Dearest readers, a small confession on this Mondayest of Mondays: I lately have not eaten as well I can and ought to eat. I had a pizza for lunch today (the best one I’ve eaten here yet) even though I probably should have ordered a salad. I still covet very intensely those morning cups of coffee. Last week I made a dinner out of bread and cheese and hummus, not one vegetable in evidence. And I’ve mentioned previously a penchant for sweet treats that’s been going strong for almost 7 months now; at this point I’ve fully embraced this particular anomaly that has come with having a child (I swear I mostly gravitated towards the savory ‘before’) and am just riding it out. In my slight defense I have cooked a roasted cauliflower and potato soup for tonight’s dinner, the fridge is full of peas and spinach and fresh favas, and I made myself an enormous bowl of quinoa with cauliflower, avocado, sunflower seeds, and sesame dressing for lunch yesterday. Still …

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Pizza with Roasted Zuchini, Red Onion + Tahini Sauce

7 April 2014

Like many, I’d say Mondays are my hardest day of the week, mostly because I have to get into the office by 8:30, sometimes earlier. It’s not like I am not used to this — I’ve worked for years, after all — but life is a bit different these days. Now I have to clear […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Lately in Our Kitchen

2 April 2014
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On Sundays … (+ Pasta with Feta and Roasted Tomatoes)

31 March 2014

One thing to know about me: I have a lot of nervous energy. The weekend comes and in theory I’d like to laze about over a long and luxurious breakfast, put my feet up and make an extra pot of coffee. Maybe sit outside if the weather’s nice and read or just be for a […]

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Wordless Wednesday: A Little Getaway

26 March 2014
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