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    Moving On Again (+ Carrot Soup)

    5 February 2017

    Salisbury, Wiltshire, U.K., January 2017.

    Hi. Happy New Year over a month late. We’re just getting sorted after a lovely and whirlwind trip to Salisbury, England, to visit family and shiver delightfully over delicious cups of lattes and flat whites here and there, often accompanied by thick slabs of cake, just in time to get organized to send most of our worldly possessions away by container ship in a little over a week. To say that the word overwhelm is a bit appropriate in this situation would be correct. This is my third time doing this and I’m much more savvy than the first round four years ago (oh haaaaaa, this is an understatement) but my family has also grown by two small people so I’ve much less time to think straight let alone pack. I did – sort of, though I had no idea what I was getting into – sign up for this, so I can’t complain, but I’ve been baking a lot of cake lately in between the list-making.

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