A holiday-spiced, naturally gluten-free persimmon cake that’s perfect for December days.

[Fisherman, Dar Bouazza, December 2014.]

A week of rain, a week of sun, and we leave Morocco very early Saturday morning for a month in California. We’ll trade palm trees for redwoods, the Atlantic Ocean for the Pacific, and running on trails rather than bricks, enough so that we get properly muddified and return to our roots. I’m hoping for lots of hikes, lots of quiet miles in the wet and dripping woods, and hopefully lots of afternoons spent under the bright sun at the coast. The winter beach in fair weather is perhaps my favorite beach.

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Wordless Wednesday: Sur la Plage

3 December 2014
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Wintry (+ Flourless Apple Cake)

2 December 2014

A lovely, not-too-sweet, naturally flourless/gluten-free caramelized apple cake that’s perfect for the season. It’s been raining here lately, which I admit I love though when it negatively affects part of the country I’d much rather have sun and dry weather. We have actually turned on some of our heaters, which haven’t been used since last […]

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Wordless Wednesday: At the Sunday Market

26 November 2014
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Almost Time (+ A Few More Thanksgiving Recipes)

25 November 2014

Thanksgiving menu planning, plus a few recipes for naturally flourless and vegetarian recipes for your holiday meal. Confession: my head has not truly been in the Thanksgiving game this year. Part of it’s the weather – sun for days, temps in the 70s -, part of it’s the whole living not in America, and part […]

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