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    So Good Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

    19 July 2017

    We’ve been in Sydney — though if you’re being fussy, we technically live about 15 minutes outside of Sydney — for five months now and time has perhaps literally flown by. My baby is on the cusp of her first birthday and will walk any day now if her determination has anything to do with it. We’re going on a vacation to California in about a month, and I just realized it will be almost a year since I’ve been in the States which is the longest I’ve not been in my home country. I’ve almost become accustomed to the monkey-like, rather maniacal call of the kookaburras, especially on my Sunday morning long runs in the ‘bush’ (natural preserved areas scattered throughout the suburbs) and the warbling magpies. Does time move more quickly once you add another child to the mix?

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    Almond Flour Brownies

    Just a warning: there will be three almond flour recipes posted here during the next few weeks. Not that I’ve suddenly gone gluten-free or that I’ve given up spelt flour. But I’ve had to…

    12 July 2017
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    Pear-Spelt Pancakes

    I’m really into spelt flour. I used to be into whole wheat pastry flour — and I do still like that — but my favorite flour with which to bake is currently spelt. When…

    26 June 2017
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    Different Soup

    I wondered if I should even write up this recipe, given that it’s so very, very simple. Garlic, carrots, sweet potato, a pinch of salt, and water. But in the interest of preserving this…

    20 June 2017
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    Rhubarb Cream Cake

    Why yes, I did make myself a cake last weekend. (I shared. A mother’s love is selfless, right? ) The affair with rhubarb continues so I made rhubarb compote and sandwiched it between two…

    15 May 2017