Wordless Wednesday: Morning Beach Scenes, Casablanca

1 October 2014
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Too Good to Wait: {Gluten-Free + Whole Grain} Chocolate Muffins with Dried Cherries and Pistachios

29 September 2014

Sometimes a recipe is just too good to wait on. Still, you’ve meant to fancy up the finished product a bit, to plate it prettily, to use the big camera to take nice photos — and so you hesitate. This is a food blog after all. But also sometimes you have a friend – hi […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Fall

24 September 2014
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{Gluten-Free, Vegan} Whole Grain Berry Muffins

22 September 2014

The lifestyle of an expat — and the lifestyle of a rather reluctant expat at that — is one that can lend itself to a lot self reflection. Add to that the presence of a small child and it also tends to veer into a bit of navel-gazing. I find the hours between 3:30 to […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Around the Yard

17 September 2014
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Sea Change (+ a Date Shake)

15 September 2014

[The Atlantic at Anfa, September 2014.] Fall has magical qualities — the light shifts, leaves drift down softly (even in North Africa), the sky is the deepest, bluest sky you’ll see all year. The wind has picked up off of the ocean here and on afternoons it scrubs the houses of my neighborhood and burnishes […]

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