Thanksgiving for All (+ Dessert Recipes)

17 November 2014

A naturally flourless whole grain crust bolsters a creamy pumpkin pie filling that demands a place at the Thanksgiving table. Plus a few recipes for naturally flourless pumpkin desserts and notes on cooking holiday meals for those with unique diets. When the holidays loom there’s often a bit of trepidation on the part of the […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Coming Soon

12 November 2014
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Making Good Use (+ A Beet Soup)

10 November 2014

Making good use of beets by turning them into a velvety, dairy-free soup that’s spiked with lemon juice. She totters around the downstairs of our rather enormous house and I let her, hanging back with my cup of coffee (if it’s morning) or tea (if it’s late afternoon) and granting her the illusion that she’s […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Recently

5 November 2014
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{Gluten-free, Vegan} Pumpkin Waffles

3 November 2014

Gluten-free and vegan pumpkin waffles made with [g-f] oat flour and maple syrup that are perfect for fall even if you’re stuck in the land of endless summer. [Beach, Casablanca, October 2014.] I have a nice post in the works for a really stellar beet soup (yes — beet soup. I didn’t believe it either.) […]

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Wordless Wednesday: A Weekend in Bordeaux

29 October 2014
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