Wordless Wednesday: On a Walk

13 August 2014
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‘Flourless.’ — Out Tomorrow!

11 August 2014

As I may have mentioned, publishing a book is often likened to giving birth. While I’m still not sold on that analogy I will say that the day my cookbook flourless. (recipes for naturally gluten-free desserts) is released into the world — and hopefully your hands — can certainly be called its birth day. Two […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Lisbon – More

8 July 2014
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Life is Life (+ Whole Wheat Pasta with Lentils and Spinach)

7 July 2014

[Lisbon, July 2014.] It’s not really a secret that living in Casablanca has been … challenging for me for many reasons. But rather than dwell on the negative I’d like to focus on a major positive, which is our proximity to Europe and the relative ease of slipping over to explore there. Par example, this […]

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