A Year (+ A Vegan Banana Cake)

27 October 2014

A vegan, maple-syrup sweetened cake for Sierra’s first birthday (and for anytime). Sierra turned one year old over a month ago and we celebrated the day with homemade pizza for dinner and a banana cake with almond butter glaze (as well as, err, a couple of glasses of champagne for her parents). A week later […]

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Wordless Wednesday: A Week in the Life

15 October 2014
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Run On (+ Gluten-Free Whole Grain Biscuits)

13 October 2014

[On a run, October 2014.] I finally downloaded a GPS running app for my phone and hello long runs, my old friends, I didn’t even know I was revisiting you until Runtastic told me so. 8.2 miles is my new weekend run and I’m happy to report that I’ve been running that occasionally for months […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Recent Scenes

8 October 2014
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The Weekly Pot (+ Sweet Potato and Vegetable Soup)

6 October 2014

We’ve been listening to a lot of Pete Seeger’s great album “Song and Play Time” – which apparently my brother and I listened to when we were kids – after my dad got Sierra hooked on “Ha, Ha, This-A-Way” while we were in California this summer. I don’t love a lot of the ‘popular’ children’s […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Morning Beach Scenes, Casablanca

1 October 2014
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